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Bristol Beer & B7

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Bristol Beer & Blake's 7

Knights Templar, Bristol

23 July 2011

Members of the Blake's 7 discussion forum, some other B7 fans and Bristol SF fans met for a few drinks in Bristol

The Knights Templar

Outside the pub was a statue of BC, so we all had to pose with it.

Richard and Amanda

Dakkar and Gemma

Gina, the Master of Cheese



Winnie and Richard


Philippa explains something to Winnie


Futsie has inevitable cup of tea

Carl was a late arrival

Pubs of Bristol

The day before, Steve did a pub crawl of some of the pubs in Bristol. This is Steve's report on the pubs and here are some pictures:

Seven Stars

Barley Mow

White Lion

Portwall Tavern

Reckless Engineer (known as the Roj Blake to Blake's 7 fans)

Zero Degrees


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