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Augsberg, Germany, September 2008

In September 2008, I went on a work trip to Augsberg, Germany. These are some of the pictures I took.

15-16 September 2008

King of Flanders

The plane touched down at about 8.30pm in Munich, but by the time I got to the hotel in Augsburg it was nearly 11pm. However, I was armed with the Camra guide to beer in Germany, so I braved the rain and headed for the town centre and Konig von Flandern, a brew pub that apparently was once in the cellars under the local bath houses but now the ground floor is occupied by a book shop, the stairs down to the pub being in the middle of said shop.

It is a bright pub with multiple rooms. I sat in an area with a bar and bar stools, but now unused for serving. But it was right next to the copper brewing kettles. The pub also makes its own bread, a basket of which comes free with the beer.

The pub brews three beers, and I tried all three:

Drei-Heller-Bier Dunkel 5.0%
A dark, refreshing beer.

Drei-Heller-Bier Alligator 7.2%
A very dark, sweet stout with a back-of-the-throat kick

Drei-Heller-Bier Hell 4.9%
A light coloured, slightly hazy beer, which I really should have drank first as the strong taste of the other two - not to mention the German sausages - makes it difficult to judge.

Back in my hotel room, I had to settle for a rather dull bottled pilsner from the minibar. It was called Radeberger.

Pictures of Augsberg


There was a chance to show footballing skills at Kontron’s facilities in Augsburg, where the company had made a robot goalkeeper. The goalkeeper was linked to a vision system that could follow the flight of the ball and move accordingly. One of the operators told me to go for the top corner of the goal as the keeper couldn’t reach there. Armed with that knowledge, this should be easy, I thought, and promptly sent the ball zooming well over the bar. The robot keeper didn’t even bother to move.


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