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Beer & B7 Xmas 2003

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Beer & Blake's 7 Christmas Party, Northwood, London

6 December 2003

Stephen with his Liberator models made from Lego - very impressive

Gemma, Nickey, Kathy and Claire with John making drinks in the background

Tim getting jolly

Leo about to get jolly

Michael watches Claire playing with a doll

Jurgen in a pensive mood

Rita attacks me with a cocktail stick

Gemma and Nickey ignore the camera

Rita and Tim tucking in

Nickey and Kathy have a chat (Claire in the background)

Penguins have sex on the Christmas tree...

...while the rest of the toys have an orgy on the sofa

Gemma takes her toy to bed

This was an out-take from The Keeper Wobblevision, the full version of which can be seen here




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