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Bristol Beer & B7

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Bristol Beer & Blake's 7

Knights Templar, Bristol

19 July 2008

Members of the Blake's 7 discussion forum, some other B7 fans and Bristol SF fans met for a few drinks in Bristol

The Knights Templar looked much the same as it did this time last year

Richard and Gemma, with a flower

Gina, the Master of Cheese

Louise and Futsie

Richard and Gina on the left with Gemma, Louise and Futsie on the right

At the back, Gina, Mark, Richard and Rick with Futsie and Louise in the foreground

Richard and Rick, and that flower

Gina and Mark (plus the flower)

Gemma and Steve


That flower gets everywhere

Futsie, of course, had a cup of tea...

...and, of course, Richard fell asleep...

...but we all woke up when a birthday party arrived


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