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Bristol Beer & B7

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Bristol Beer & Blake's 7

Knights Templar, Bristol

18 July 2009

Members of the Blake's 7 discussion forum, some other B7 fans and Bristol SF fans met for a few drinks in Bristol

The Knights Templar does not change a lot

Gina (Masters of Cheese) and Gemma

Amanda attended her first Bristol Beer & B7

Richard gets himself a pint...

...as does Gina the Dormouse

Bridget (a convention regular, but at her first Beer & B7 - I think) and Richard

Paul has been to a previous Bristol meet but not for a while

Bridget and Winnie with Winnie's gadget

Richard and Steve

Winnie and Futsie

Alex (another new face) and Gemma

Gina can't conceal her shock that Futsie is having coffee and not tea...

...though Futsie tries to conceal the fact himself

Gemma and Gina

A group shot - you know who they all are by now

Gina, Bridget, Winnie and Futsie

Steve, Gemma and Gina

Crikey, even Steve is on the coffee

Neil arrived too late for the meet but popped round to Gemma's the next day for a cup of tea - well, someone had to drink tea this weekend


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