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Bristol Beer & B7 2014

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Bristol Beer & Blake's 7

Knights Templar, Bristol

26 July 2014

Members of the Blake's 7 discussion forum, some other B7 fans and Bristol SF fans met for a few drinks in Bristol

We got most, though not all of us, in the group picture as people kept coming and going

And here is us doing what we should be doing - indoors drinking rather than suffering that horrible sunshine outside

Philippa, Bridget and Gemma on the back row with Amanda at the front and Tracey in the background

Eddie and Brian

Tracey and Steve (photo taken by Richard)

Emma, Amanda and the two Richards

One of the two Ginas and Emma

John, Tracey, Philippa, Bridget and Gemma

Gemma and Winnie, with a familiar looking magazine

Winnie, Bernice and Emma

As often happens, the local Linux group were on the next table

Futsie, oddly without a cup of tea

The other Gina and Futsie, now with a cup of tea

Gemma hides her identity before attacking Amanda

Can this be the youngest person ever to attend a Beer and Blake's 7?

Richard mesmerised by a remote-control flying thingy


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