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Bucol-2: The Home of Og (Ruler of the Universe, Feb 2005 - )

This page is dedicated to Og, the greatest of all the characters in Blake's 7. The page is being hosted by Og's friend Steve Rogerson.

Og was elected Ruler of the Universe at Redemption 2005 in February 2005, a post he will hold until the next election at Redemption 2007. Here is a picture of him preparing for his hustings speech:

At Redemption, Og made friends with Mr Moley:

Another of Og's friends is Harriet, who has made this idol of the great Og, for which Og is truly grateful:

The latest addition to the Og family was made by Tracey and these two pictures show all four Ogs together:


Blake's 7 has now been rereleased in its original form with Og restored to his rightful place in each episode, and so it gives great pleasure to present:

The Og episode guide to Blake's 7

Season One

Here is season one. Steve wrote most of it with some lines from Gina.
A1: The Way Back
Og had started to rebuild the resistance with help from his assistant Bran Foster. They had decided that Og should be the figure head, being such a popular rebel, but a young upstart called Roj Blake wanted to take control. Foster, a misguided but loyal Og fan, framed Blake for child molesting. Og was outraged and killed Foster.
A2: Space Fall
Blake is on the prison ship The London. Og steals a powerful ship called the Liberator and rescues Blake along with two other prisoners, Avon and Jenna.
A3: Cygnus Alpha.
Og and his crew continue to the prison planet where they also rescue Vila and Gan, but not before Og bravely fights and kills the mad priest Vargas.
A4: Time Squad
On a mission to destroy a Federation communication base, Og falls in love with a mysterious guerrila called Cally. They make love in the sand and then destroy the base. Og gets back on the ship and finds it overrun by nutters that Blake had defrosted. Og single-handidly kills them all.
A5: The Web
Og starts sleeping with Gan, so Cally takes solace in the arms of Jenna However, the Liberator gets caught in a big web. Og teleports down to a nearby planet and starts collecting decimas for a new game he has invented called Spin the Decima. Og teaches Saymon how to play in return for him releasing the Liberator. Saymon and the Decimas live happily together eternally greatful to Og for resolving their conflict.
A6: Seek-Locate-Destroy
Og plans a raid on a communications centre to steal a decoding device, but he lets Blake take charge of the mission. Blake cocks it up and Cally gets captured. Meanwhile, Servalan hires Travis to track down Og. Travis accepts because he fancies Avon something rotten. Obviously, this being the Federation, Travis claims that his real motivation is his hatred of Og. But as everyone loves Og, nobody believes him. We are treated to a long and graphic scene where Travis strips and tortures Cally. Og single handidly rescues her. To comfort her after all that hurt, Og and Jenna simultaneously make love with her.
A7: Mission to Destiny
Og turns into his alter ego SherlOg Holmes to solve a mystery on a strange ship called the Ortega going around in circles. Og, Avon, Blake and Cally teleport across. While Og is working on the problem, he sends his errand boy Blake to deliver an important neutrotope. As usual, Blake cocks things up and forgets to take it with him. Og has sex with Sara, who in the heat of passion confesses her crimes.
A8: Duel
Og and Travis are transported down to a planet to fight each other for the pleasure of two strange women. Travis gets a mutoid to help him. Og refuses all help and wins easily. Og captures one of the bats and uses it as a condom when he has sex with Sinofar and Giroc
A9: Project Avalon
With help from Soolin (disguised as a mutoid), Servalan and Travis capture rebel leader Avalon and make a duplicate. Og sends Blake down to the planet to rescue Avalon, but he cocks it up and rescues the duplicate instead. Og discovers this when he has sex with the duplicate. Og decides to do the job properly himself and takes the duplicate back and swaps it for the real one. The next day, Og realises he should have kept the duplicate as it is better in bed than the original.
A10: Breakdown
Gan throws a wobbler and Og realises the limiter is malfunctioning Blake wants to find a neurosurgeon, but Og doesn't trust Blake after his run of cock ups. Og performs brain surgery on Gan, and Gan recovers. Out of gratitude, Gan has sex with Og.
A11: Bounty
Og talks Sarkoff into returning to his planet and resuming his presidency. He leaves Blake in charge on the Liberator, who cocks it up and lets a bunch of pirates take over. Jenna disarms the pirates using the neat kick them in the hip martial arts trick that Og taught her. Og has sex with Tyce
A12: Deliverance
Og sends Blake down to investigate a crashed space shuttle, but he cocks it up and gets captured by cavemen. Og goes down with Avon. Avon takes the injured pilot back to the Liberator. The pilot, despite being nearly dead, takes control of the Liberator and flies away. Og meets Meegat, who correctly recognises him as the promised saviour of her people. Og knows he has to fulfil his destiny and launches the rocket, pausing to have sex with Meegat. The injured pilot dies, but it still takes another hour before Avon and Cally manage to regain control of the Liberator. Against his better judgement, Og rescues Blake from the cavemen.
A13: Orac
Og orders a supercomputer through a mail order catalogue, thus negating any danger the Liberator crew might have got themselves into trying to steal one. The Orac computer arrives and predicts the destruction of the Liberator. Servalan tries to order a supercomputer, but finds that Og bought the last one.


Season Two

B1: Redemption
Og figures out that Orac's prophesy is really about the Liberator's sister ship blowing up, so he does a pre-emptive raid on the system, using Orac to wreck their computer system. The crew then celebrate by going to a convention in Ashford, Kent, hence the episode title.
B2: Shadow
Og takes the Liberator to Space City so the crew can buy some recreational drugs from those nice people in the Terra Nostra, who he finds are being blackmailed by the Federation. The Terra Nostra and Og's group become allies and issue a press release, but the Federation controlled press release some story about two nutty kids who die from an overdose. Vila meanwhile spends all his money in a brothel, but they get the money back because the prostitutes pay Og for sex.
B3: Weapon
Travis celebrates after killing Og, but it turns out to be a clone. Servalan gets Carnell to help her use another clone of Og to get Coser to hand over Imipak. Og being a better psycho strategist than Carnell figures this out and uses one of his agents, a slave girl called Rashel, to befriend Coser and accompany him, thus throwing Carnell's predictions out. Blake cocks things up and gets everyone marked by Imipak. Thankfully, the cloned Og is so good it grows Og's morals and promises to protect the trigger mechanism until it can be destroyed. Carnell runs away to take up a new role as a character in a Dr Who book.
B4: Horizon
During a routine mission to free a planet from Federation colonial rule, Blake cocks things up and gets captured along with Vila, Jenna and Cally, who are all forced to work bare chested down the mines. Og frees the captives in the mines and meets the planet's boss Ro. He has sex with Ro and convinces him to stand up to the Federation. The Liberator is being attacked by three Federation pursuit ships. A brilliant tactical manoueuvre by Og forces the pursuit ships to crash into Horizon's defensive wall. Ro is so impressed by this that he forms a fan club, which he names after his planet.
B5: Pressure Point
Og decides to attack central control on Earth but Blake cocks things up by getting captured. Og rescues Blake from the crypt and attacks central control having foolishly believed Blake's intelligence that that is where it is. Travis sets a trap, but the heroes escape though not before Gan is hit on the head by falling masonry and looks doomed. Og rescues him and saves his life. All our heroes escape back to the Liberator, but Gan realises he has had enough of this lark so Og finds Gan a nice safe planet to live on.
B6: Trial
Blake has made so many cockups lately, that Og decides Blake needs a holiday and leaves him on a planet to relax for a while. Travis is on trial. Og decides that it would be better if Travis lived because he keeps messing up Servalan's plans, so Og attacks the court room, letting the space commander escape. Blake has cocked up his holiday by getting involved with a symbionic relationship between the planet and its fleas. The planet looks set to eat Blake, but Og rescues him.
B7: Killer
Og works out that they need a crystal to help intercept Federation communications and so takes the ship to Fosforon. While Og is on the planet negotiating the purchase of the crystal, Blake finds a plague ship and lands it by remote control on the planet. A plague breaks out, but Og uses his medical knowledge to come up with a cure in record time. The people on the base are so grateful, they give Og the crystal.
B8: Hostage
Og decides stupidity runs in Blake's family when he discovers Blake's cousin Inga has got herself captured by Travis. Og being a humanitarian decides to rescue her. When they get to Exbar, Blake says it is family business and it should be he that goes down. Og agrees but insists he takes Vila with him; Og wants someone sensible on the planet. Blake cocks things up and gets Vila and himself captured. Avon goes down to find out what is going on and gets captured too. Og goes down and rescues them, but Jenna and Cally let Molok take over the Liberator. Og teleports up and teleports Molok into space. Og has sex with Inga and Jenna gets jealous.
B9: Countdown
Og visits the rebel forces on Albian in search of Provine who can tell them where central control really is. Blake cocks things up and sets off the timing device for a big bomb. Avon's brother-in-law turns up. Og leaves Avon and Grant to patch up old differences, while Og goes to the north pole and deactivates the bomb with one second to spare (actually he could have done it with minutes to spare, but where's the drama in that?). Avon and Grant have sex.
B10: Voice from the Past
Og is taking the crew on holiday to Del-Ten but Blake cocks things up and gets possessed, diverting everyone to a floating rock. Vila is upset. Og lets Blake go down to the asteroid to get whatever it is out of his system. Blake comes back with Travis wrapped in bandages. Og initially assumed Blake had beaten him up, but then realised Travis had fooled Blake into thinking he was a resistance leader. Travis takes them to the Wembley Convention Centre where, surprise, surprise, Servalan had laid a trap. But because Og knew what was going on, they didn't fall for it.
B11: Gambit
It turns out that a drunken ex-doctor called Docholli knows where Star One is, so Og takes the crew to Freedom City to find him. Og, Jenna and Cally teleport down to a bar to look for him, but Travis has already found him. Servalan, with her new henchhman Jarriere (the future ruler of the universe), decides to go to Freedom City and kill Og and Travis. While Jenna and Cally search for Dochollii, Og beats the Klute at chess. Servalan plants a bomb in Travis's arm while Og has sex with Jarriere. Everyone finds Docholli doesn't know where Star One is. The others help Og take his winnings back to the Liberator. Blake, unusually, made no cock ups in this episode.
B12: The Keeper
And so to Goth, a place with two really good letters at the start of its name, in search of the map to Star One. Og, Jenna and Vila go down to the planet, leaving Blake in charge on the Liberator. Blake cocks things up by moving the ship just when they needed it to destroy Travis's ship when Travis isn't on it. Jenna shags the king of Goth to get information; Vila plays the fool. Og rescues them both, though Jenna seemed to be enjoying herself _ she likes hairy men. Vila has to be rescued from the dungeons where they find the old jester who just happens to know where Star One is. Handy that.
B13: Star One
he "I love you virus reaches Star One and starts messing up the controls, leading to plague, famine etc in Federation worlds. Og goes to Star One to fix the virus and take control. Blake wants to destroy it, but Og sacks Blake for being an idiot and committing too many cockups. Blake leaves the Liberator in a sulk. Og teleports down and realises the Andromedans are in control. Og throws Travis down a well and leads an Andromedan space vehicle into a cattle grid, where it gets stuck. The Andromedans cancel the invasion. Blake sneaks back to Star One and blows it up. Jenna goes back to Goth and marries the king. 

Season Three

OK, here's season three. Sarcophagus, Ultraworld and Death-Watch were written by Matt and the rest by Steve.
C1: Aftermath
The crew take a well deserved holiday. Og goes to Sarran, where he stays with the Melanbys. The problem is their other lodger is Servalan. Servalan kills Hal Melanby, thus creating a lifetime (two season) enemy in daughter Dayna. Og shags Lauren, who in wild ecstasy goes running on the beach and gets killed by some nasty natives. Servalan tries to steal Orac, but Og stops her and takes Dayna back to the ship. When they arrive, they discover Mr Bronson and some teachers have taken over the Liberator.
C2: Powerplay
Og gives Mr Bronson detention and retakes control of the Liberator. He decides to keep teacher Tarrant on the crew. Vila meets up with the Avalon robot, which has been reprogrammed as a bounty hunter. Vila has sex with the robot and her friend Zee. Cally and Servalan are in the same ward at the local hospital. Og rescues Vila (who didn't want to be rescued) and Cally (who did).
C3: Volcano
The crew of the Liberator want somewhere new to live, so Dayna says she knows this place that's dead hot. It turns out to be a volcano. Og is not impressed with Dayna's first week as a crew member. Tarrant cocks things up and gets himself and Dayna captured. Og thinks this sounds very familiar. Og rescues Dayna and Tarrant, but Cally and Orac get captured. Og is getting bored, and he hasn't had sex for ages. Og rescues Cally and Orac and they all escape just before the planet blows up. Og thinks of Blake and Jenna fondly for the first time in ages.
C4: Dawn of the Gods
Og takes the Liberator crew to investigate a strange looking black hole. Tarrant cocks things up by flying too close, and they all get dragged in. They find themselves in the middle of an Auron fairy tale. Og has sex with Lord Thaarn; during the heat of passion Og fools him into turning off the control field so they can escape. Cally apologises for her people's fairy tale and Og comforts her in the way only he can.
C5: The Harvest of Kairos
Og takes the Liberator crew to Kairos to look up his old friend Brian the Spider. While down on the planet, Tarrant cocks things up and lets the ship be captured by Jarvik. Og finds an old space shuttle and uses it to recapture the Liberator with help from a rock (come on, is that any less believable than what happened in the televised version?). Og takes Jarvik back down to Kairos for a threesome with Brian.
C6: City at the Edge of the World
Og decides to help Bayban open a door, and this nice woman called Kerril falls in love with him. Og shags Kerril on condition that she shags Vila afterwards, cos Og realises Vila hasn't had any for a long time. Kerril agrees. Og opens the door and then shags Bayban. Dayna finds a bomb somewhere and blows something up. Kerril goes through the door and locks it after her. Og realises that Bayban is going to go ballistic, literally, so gets everyone out just in time.
C7: Children of Auron
Servalan is getting broody but, rather than do the sensible thing and get pregnant by Og, she devises a convoluted plan, involving plague, famine, etc, of raiding the clone banks on Auron. Og sends Tarrant, Avon and Cally down to the planet to sort things out, but Tarrant cocks things up and gets all three captured. Meanwhile, Og comes up with a cure for the plague. Og rescues his crew and steals Servalan's clone embryos for use as condoms.
C8: Rumours of Death
Og decides to let himself be tortured so he can find the top Federation torturer Shrinker. Og captures Shrinker who tells him that Bartholomew was watching Avon. Og takes the crew to Earth where they find that Bartholomew was the email name for an old girlfriend of Avon's. She'd been using it to hide the secret relationship she was having with Og at the time. Avon is angry that Anna didn't tell him about Og so they could have had a threesome, so Avon shoots Anna. When Servalan sees Og, she ties herself to an old wall, hopefully. Og ignores her and shags Avon to comfort him.
C9: Sarcophagus:
The crew investigates an alien vessel, but find they can't teleport back to the Liberator. Og heroically teleports across and brings them back. No alien technology would dare harm Og. Without Og's knowledge, the crew bring back an alien artifact which immediately tries to take over Og. Og of course is too mentally strong, so the alien egg possesses Cally instead. As Avon and co. give into this alien super being, Og saves the day. The alien wants to keep Og as her sex slave but Og shags her, then discards her like a used rag. The alien, distraught at losing Og, takes her own life, and all is well. Og makes Dayna promise NEVER to sing again in his presence.
C10: Ultraworld
After an artificial planet is discovered by the crew, Og recommends ignoring it but Cally stupidly teleports down, just to get Og's attention. Og teleports down to save her, where he is met by three bald men who want to steal Og's personality (now who among us wouldn't?). Og escapes with Dayna, and then shags her for the bald men's entertainment. Og then shags the bald men for Dayna's entertainment. Og then gets Orac to make the core of Ultraworld implode. The core cannot cope with the debauchery of Og's mind.
C11: Moloch
Tarrant and Vila hitch a ride on a passing troop carrier. Tarrant cocks up the mission by threatening Vila, who goes off in a huff and has a threesome with Servalan and Doran. Avon and Dayna teleport down but are captured. Og goes down and sorts out the mess, rescuing two and prying Vila away from Servalan and Doran. Vila is not pleased. Og discovers that the computer is controlled by a little chap called Moloch. Og was going to use Moloch as a condom, but realised he can't disconnect him from the computer. Moloch is so distraught he teleports himself onto Og's genitals, and promptly dies.
C12 Death Watch
The crew go to watch the Teal-Vandor conflict on TV. Tarrant's brother (an Elvis impersonator) is the champion of Vandor. After Elvis is made into soup, Og suspects foul play and confronts Servalan. Og shags Servalan, who in a fit of passion tells him of her evil plans to set the two planets to all out war. Tarrant volunteers to fight and avenge his brothers death, but Og knows you can't send a boy to do a man's job, so Og goes himself to fight the android. The android
falls in love with Og (as you do). Og reprograms the Vinnie android to be a sex-bot and brings him back to the Liberator for entertainment for himself and the crew. Og is proclaimed the Champion of Vandor.
C13: Terminal
Og is getting bored with Tarrant and decides to hunt for Blake, tracking him down to a funny shaped planet called Terminal. Tarrant gets wind of this and, out of revenge, flies the Liberator through some space fungus. They arrive at Terminal and Og starts making friends with the Links. Avon discovers an underground Madame Tussauds with a waxwork version of Blake. He realises they have been had. Avon tells Og the news and Og comes up with a plan. He tells everyone to abandon ship and sends a message to Servalan telling her she can have it. Servalan, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, comes out from hiding on Terminal with her henchmen. Og gives her some teleport bracelets. Vinnie the sexbot beams Servalan and co to the Liberator and, as promised, she beams Vinnie back to the planet. The space fungus destroys the Liberator, and Og and the crew settle down to a peaceful existence on Terminal shagging Links. 

Season Four

And here is season four. Matt wrote Rescue, Orbit and Warlord and Steve wrote the rest.
D1: Rescue
After Servalan booby traps the base, Og heroically rescues Avon, Tarrant, Dayna and Vila. He is too late to save Cally, but her last word is: "OGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG". Og seduces Dorian, and convinces Dorian to take him and the rest of the crew off Terminal. Dorian likes it rough and gets knocked unconscious during a session in the sack with Og. The ship luckily is on autopilot and it takes them all back to Dorian's base. Once they arive at Xenon, Soolin is besotted with Og, and immediately suggests that her, Og and Dorian go off to the bedroom. Og suspects there is more to Dorian than meets the eye, so he follows him down to the wine cellar when he goes to get a refill for Vila. Og finds that Dorian is keeping a monster in his cellar, and that he intends to feed the crew to it. Og wrestles the monster, skins it and makes it into a nice pair of boots. Dorian promptly combusts. Og gets better aquainted with Soolin
D2: Power
Tarrant cocks things up and locks everyone out of the room with the Scorpio. Vila tries to pick the lock and fails. Og, not wanting to show Vila up, decides not to pick the lock himself, though he could easily. Instead, Og puts his diplomat hat on and reconciles the Hommicks and Seska, mainly through a process of shagging. Og is impressed by Pella's deviousness and is going to invite her to join the crew, but Avon cocks things up by killing her. He guesses he'll have to settle for Soolin. Og gets bored waiting for Vila to open the door, so opens it for him.
D3: Traitor
Og hears there is a new drug on the market called Pylene-50. Keen to try some, he heads for Helotrix where he believes there is a ready supply. Tarrant and Dayna go down to find where to buy it. Servalan, heavily disguised as Commissioner Sleer, is also looking to buy some drugs. Orac cocks things up and gives their position away to Federation forces. Tarrant and Dayna are beamed back up and they make a quick exit. Og is furious. Call that a mission? No drugs and no sex, what is going on?
D4: Stardrive
Og decides to take Scorpio to the Space Rats for some work on its engine They show him a really neat Stardrive they are working on. The Space Rats say Og can have it providing he shags them all. Og dutifully obliges, but then Dr Paxton insists Og takes her with him. Og agrees. While Dr Paxton is installing the drive, Tarrant cocks things up and presses the wrong button, killing Dr Paxton instantly. Avon shows signs of early senility by immediately forgetting her name.
D5: Animals
Og realises he hasn't seen the folks for ages, so he takes the Scorpio to Bucol-2 for a surprise visit. Og introduces Dayna to Justin, but she realises that they'd already met. Justin it turns out was an old friend of Dayna's dad, and was also a bit of a perv, molesting the young Dayna when he used to babysit. Dayna kills him. Dayna, feeling distraught, rushes out into the woods and is captured by Federation soldiers who take her to see Servalan. Servalan strips Dayna naked and tortures her in a very graphic scene. Og rescues Dayna and comforts her in the way Og does best. The rest of the crew reluctantly teleport back to the ship; they had spent the time this was going on in an orgy with Og's cousins.
D6: Headhunter
Tarrant goes on a routine mission to fetch a scientist called Muller but cocks things up and brings back his homicidal robot instead. The android is trying to find Orac so they can mate, but Orac is none to keen; not its type. Besides, Orac prefers to be taken out to dinner, given flowers and chocolates etc first. Orac tries - successfully - to get off with Soolin instead. At first she said it wouldn't know where to start, but then she shows it. Orac is pleased. Og blows up the robot.
D7: Assassin
Servalan hires a professional assassin called Cancer to kill Og. Og pretends to be a slave to find out more information. The bidding on Og at the slave auction goes so high it causes the collapse of stock markets across the galaxy and the auction has to be called off, thus providing Og with the opportunity to escape. With information from another slave, Og tracks Cancer's ship where they find Cancer is using the old ploy of getting an actor to pretend to be Cancer while Cancer pretends to be a slave called Piri. Og spots this straight away, but Tarrant is completely fooled and even falls in love with Piri. Soolin tries to figure this out but realises she can't stand and think at the same time. Og shags Cancer (disguised as Piri) and in the heat of passion she confesses what she has done and changes her hairstyle. When Cancer realises she can't have Og as a sexual plaything, she kills herself with one of her own poisonous crabs.
D8: Games
Og takes the crew to Mecron II to get some feldon crystals. By strange coincidence, Servalan also heads for Mecron II to find out who has been stealing feldon crystals. The mine is run by a guy called Belkov who is shagging his computer, but when he meets Og he ditches the computer in favour of the great hairy one. The computer is upset about this and tries to win the affections of Og by telling him how to get past the orbiter's defence mechanism. However, it turns out that Og didn't need the computer's help as he is very good at playing games and quite easily gets through all the levels himself. At first it looks like there are no crystals, but Og finds them and teleports back to Scorpio, where he finds Tarrant has cocked things up and flown near a black hole. Og gets the Scorpio to fire on some crystals thus creating a blast that counters the effect of the black hole.
D9: Sand
Og takes the crew to Virn in search of a energy source. By strange coincidence, Servalan also heads for Virn to find her ex-lover. Og and Tarrant teleport down, but Tarrant cocks things up and gets shot. Tarrant beams back up. Og and Servalan meet and Og tells her that he's sussed out the sand is alive and is going to influence them mentally to make them shag each other. Servalan says in that case why wait, and gets her kit off. Og and Servalan do the business. Back on Scorpio, Tarrant's cock up is worse than they thought as he has brought some of the sand back with him. Pretty soon they are all naked having a mass orgy on the flight deck. After Og has finished with Servalan, he beams back up and joins in.
D10: Gold
Og decides that Dayna and Tarrant are cocking things up too much, so he sends them on a cruise. While they are on board the Space Princess, they find it is also carrying large amounts of gold. Tarrant sends a message to Og to let him know, and Og gets the gang together and they set off to steal it. Unsurprisingly, Tarrant has cocked things up as they discovered when they got the gold on board Scorpio. It was really black gold. Tarrant, says never mind, he knows someone who will buy it. Og is dubious, but goes along with it. Tarrant cocked things up again. The buyer was Servalan and she bought it with confederate money. Come back Blake, said Og, all is forgiven.
D 11 Orbit
Avon, Og, Tarrant and Vinnie the sexbot transport down to Maladar to meet Egrorian and his lover Pinder. Egrorian wants to swap Vinnie the sexbot for a device that can blow up planets. Avon thinks it's a good deal, but Og has made a fake Vinnie for the trade. Og seduces and shags both Pinder and Egrorian, but neither know that the other was seduced as well. On the shuttle back to the Scorpio, the crew discover that it cannot reach it's destination. Someone or something has to be jettisoned so they can survive. Avon wants to throw out the real sexbot, but Og disagrees, saying Tarrant is the least useful member of the crew and therefore should be the first out the airlock. Avon finally agrees. Og has Tarrant by the hair ready to throw him, when he discovers a neutron star particle to throw out instead. Og saves the day, and they make it back to Scorpio. Egrorian discovers that their Vinnie is a fake, and will not perform the degrading acts he wants. Pinder discovers that Og shagged Egrorian as well and then kills himself and Egrorian with Hoffal's irradiation
D12 Warlord
Og, annoyed with Avon's increasing psychosis and growing penchant for leather, decides to take control and start an alliance to stand against the Federation and wear silly hairdos. Zukan, the leader of Betafarl, is the final one to join after Og seduces him and bangs him rotten. Og then shags Zeeona, breaking Tarrant's heart. Og goes with Avon and Soolin to Betafarl, leaving Zeeona behind. Og suspects foul play from Zukan after Zukan discovers Og was shagging his daughter. Zukan, believing his daughter to have run off with Og blows up Xenon Base. Poor Zeeona is trapped with Tarrant - a fate worse than death. After a torrid sexual encounter, they arrive at Betafarl where Avon and Soolin walk blindly into a trap. Og rescues them easily and they make their way back to Xenon. Servalan severley damages Zukan's ship when she discovers he has shagged Og. Poor Servalan was very protective of her relationship with Og. Og says he will rescue Zukan if he has any other sons or daughters he can shag. Zukan only has one offspring, so Og leaves Zukan to die and heads back to Xenon. Og with his bare hands then digs out those trapped in the rubble of Xenon. After Og refuses to marry her, Zeeona commits suicide.
D13: Blake
Og takes the crew to Cheddar Prime in search of Gan, who he wants back on the crew to act as a stabilising influence. Tarrant cocks things up and crashes the Scorpio on the planet. Og discovers that Blake and Jenna are living on the planet. Jenna has left the king of Goth and is now shacked up with Blake. When she finds Og is here, Jenna gives Blake the elbow. Blake recruits the Vinnie sexbot to his cause. The Vinnie sexbot turns out to have secret Federation programming and betrays Blake. Tarrant cocks things up by convincing Og that Blake is really the betrayer. Og is just about to shoot Blake. Have you betrayed me, he asks. No, says Blake. Oh, that's OK then, says Og, who turns and shoots Tarrant. >Vila turns the Vinnie sexbot off before it cause any more trouble. Gan arrives and everyone lives happily ever after.