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Contemplation - the 2007 Eastercon

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chester

6-9 April 2007

Fans being fans

The committee at the opening ceremony

Silly games at the opening ceremony

The dealers room - Mark with his head in his hands

Even bears get drunk at Eastercon

Christine and Michael catch up on the newsletter - a great device for finding out what's happening at the convention without leaving the bar


Some fans can't last the distance

Nikkums shows the rumours were true; she has got a bent one

The mural just outside the hotel

The badger song as artwork; yes, the last two really are mushrooms

The closing ceremony, and Sue Edwards receives the Doc Weir award

Fans in costume

White and blue (just need some red) - note the jetpack in the background

Double red, and even monsters need a drink

Tlanti explores time, space and Chester

Easter bonnet competition



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