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Coventry Beer & B7

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Coventry Beer & Blake's 7

Flying Standard, Coventry

17 October 2009

Members of the Blake's 7 discussion forum met for a few drinks in Coventry

Tracey, Joshua and Richard (surely he's not nodding off already)

Tracey and Joshua


Futsie turns up on his motorbike...

...and is greeted by the paparazzi (aka Tracey)

Futsie takes his trousers off...

...before having a cup of tea

Richard and BC

Futsie with one of Tracey's knitted adiposes

The adipose has a beer...

...and decides to go for a motorbike ride

Skeleton in the cupboard, or rather bag

Tracey has pudding

Futsie and Alison

Steve and Tracey


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