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Cult TV 2004

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Cult TV, Weston super Mare

8-11 October 2004

The entrance to the camp - clearly some coaches ignored the sign

Rita has a go on the grabby machine

Mark Spencer shows his skills

Maddy adopts her normal pose

What is Sue about to pour into her drink?

John and Rita at the Murder Mystery

More Murder Mystery people

Some fans performed a strange dance on stage

Peter Tuddenham entertains (confirmed)

Andrew O'Day signs copies of his Terry Nation book on the Horizon stand

Tony Currie comperes the awards night

June Hudson introduces the costuming award

Rita eats a rat

Peter Tuddenham and his wife with the Blake's Junction 7 crew

The League of the Non-Aligned go for a Simpsons theme

Mark Spencer is chuffed with his award

I asked River and Peter to do something rude

Mel as a mermaid

Bonnie Langford and Colin Baker on stage

Lisa and James in the dealers room

The Beer & Blake's 7 team have a meal...

...and then watch the cabaret...

...as do Malcolm, Kayta, Louise and Simon

Maddy takes up nursing

Peter Tuddenham says goodbye

The final panel

Frank Maher and Mark Spencer say goodbye

And it's goodbye from Louise and Mr Zippy



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