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Discworld 2006

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Discworld, Hinckley, Leicestershire

with guest of honour Terry Pratchett

page one of two (gala dinner and fancy dress pictures are on the second page)

18-21 August 2006

Hanging around in the bar

John has a tree growing out of his head

Even the hedgehogs got drunk

The disco

Playing Werewolves

Sunday morning service, Discworld style

Look, they've got a band

And a string quartet

Since I last went to a convention at Hinckley, there have been some changes as the following pictures show:

The big statue has gone from the reception area

The new Piaza Bar runs directly off reception

The Snooty Fox bar has been done up and renamed Triumph Bar. It is also bigger because the shop has gone and it has taken over that space too. It is also now no smoking.

There is an odd statue in reception that someone gave a trident to for old times sake

But the Rotunda is much the same


Pictures from the gala dinner and fancy dress are here



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