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Eclecticon 01

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Eclecticon, Newark, New Jersey


9-11 November 2001

Dinner before the convention starts with, from the left, Julia, Judith, Harriet, Tavia and Dana


Una watches as Julia and Judith play with their food


Dr Who villains advertise on taxis in New Jersey (that's obviously the American spelling)


At the convention proper now, with Tavia, Una, Dana and Trish


The first of many Blake's 7 panels, this one hosted by Julia, Judith, Harriet and Dana


While the rest watch engrossed


At Judith's stall (or booth as I was told to call it), Julia smiles at the customers


Eric the penguin advertises Neil's new zine


Vickie uses the white board to demonstrate B7 fanfic in her panel (higher res version available on request)


In the heart of the Tarrant Nostra are Nancy, Pat, Robin and Carol


Another of Vickie's diagrams; you can work this one out yourself


Another Blake's 7 panel


Cuddly toys do rude things in America too


Harriet lists all the Blake's 7 guests we would like to be regular characters. After a complex voting procedure, we decided the man we most wanted back was Bayban, the woman Tyce and the thing the Yucky Glop that destroyed the Liberator. Higher res version available on request.


Con over, we go to Dana's flat for supper. Pat in the foreground poses as Dana takes a picture of me taking a picture of her


Judith and Harriet


Julia and Una


Tavia, Pat and Dana



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