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Fuerteventura 2003

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Christmas in Fuerteventura

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I decided to spend Christmas in 2003 in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. I stayed at the Hotel Occidental Grand Fuerteventura, a rather Prisoneresque hotel as the pictures below show. On the second page are pictures of the nearby port of Morro Jable and sea, scenery and wildlife.

20-27 December 2003

Welcome to the Village

This village could be anywhere, I thought as I woke up one morning

The map they issued us with showed us nothing of the surrounding area...

...and the larger maps were the same, just larger.

The Village shop wasn't much help

But giant chess was available

as well as the standard form of transportation

the beach was well guarded

I even found Rover's trainer

Be seeing you

More hotel pictures

Opening night, and singers in the Sports Bar were interrupted by fireworks

My block from the beach and the beach from my block

Warning about unwanted guests

Flavia and Renzo kept us entertained in the Plaza Bar

And the Trio Latinos were OK in the Sports Bar

But the Bee Gees tribute band were rubbish

Not the sort of sign you see everyday

So this is what they meant by outdoor pool

People dress up everywhere

Mixed support in the Sports Bar

And I was dead chuffed to get up early enough to photograph the sunrise from my bedroom window.

More pictures follow here




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