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Leeds Beer & B7

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Leeds Beer & Blake's 7

29 September 2007

Members of the Blake's 7 discussion forum met for a few drinks in Leeds, including a visit to where a scene in the Blake's 7 episode Children of Auron was filmed.

Playing Top Trumps with Tracey and Joshua on the train

We all met at the pub (nothing new there)

Futsie enjoys a pint

Joshua and BC battle with Josh's crutches outside Forbidden Planet

Joshua on stilts

BC pretends to be a statue, watched by Futsie and Joshua

Tracey and her reflection

BC, Joshua and Janov

Children of Auron time with from the left Futsie, Roachy, Joshua, Tracey and BC

Val, Janov and Richard

Joshua hides behind Tracey

BC engages in graffiti making

Tracey and I

Roachy, BC and Futsie

Joshua and Tracey

Joshua on the podium


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