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Dr Who Exhibition

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Dr Who Exhibition, Manchester

4 August 2007

Members of the Blake's 7 discussion forum met to visit the Dr Who Exhibition in Manchester.

The Balcony Bar

We met at the Balcony Bar at Manchester Piccadilly station

Joshua and Richard

The toys are ready to invade

Zen, Tracey and Paul at the bar

Zen ponders on whether to drink or text

Paul and Joshua

Tracey, Roachy and Joshua

Nearly time to go

But still time for Steve to show off his new T-shirt (it says: "The angels have the phone box")

The Exhibition

A quick train journey later and we are at the exhibition

Paul, Tracey and Richard do their Beatles impression

Harriet has the tickets

And so into the exhibition

There's even a Tardis in the cafe

Joshua contemplates time travel

Time for refreshments

Looks like we'll have to be on our guard

Tracey has trouble finding her ticket

Tracey makes a new friend

Tracey and Joshua with the Face of Bo

Steve with K9

Joshua is in danger

Paul, Zen and Steve all have problems with a dalek

Joshua and Tracey find out what it's like to be a dalek


Afterwards, time to head back to the pub

Tracey, Joshua and Richard approach a strange looking building

Harriet with a dalek print

Toys have fun, watched by Zen and Joshua in the background

Joshua hands out Ramsgate rock

Time to eat

Futsie has now joined us

And so time to go


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