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Nottingham Gathering

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Blake's 7 fans gathering

Canal House, Nottingham

26 January 2008

Members of the Blake's 7 discussion forum met to share a few pints in the Canal House in Nottingham before going to the Robin Hood exhibition at Nottingham Castle.

In the pub

Tracey, Nat, Sara, Vero and Franky in the Canal House

From the other side, Zen, TRacey, Nat, Sara, Franky and Vero

Nat and Sara

Vero, Franky and Zen

Franky and Zen


Futsie arrives in time to have a cup of tea

At the Robin Hood Exhibition

Spooky mannequin

Someone's looking over Tracey's shoulder

Steve gets suspended

Tracey looking over someone's shoulder

Futsie, Sara, Blakescrewe, Steve, Tracey, Nat, Vero, Franky and Zen


We met Tracey's daughter Rachel dressed as a parrot

Tracey and Rachel


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