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Novacon 2009

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Novacon, Nottingham

with guest of honour Justina Robson

13-15 November 2009

Friday night pub crawl

To start the event off in good fashion, four of us (or five if you include the cthulhu) went on a pub crawl round Nottingham:

Steve, the cthulhu, Feorag and Eddie at the Queen Adelaide

We were joined by 1/2R at The Moot

On to the King William IV (locally known as the King Billy)

Then to the Newshouse

And finally the Canalhouse

Fans being fans

Book auction

Dexter being a nusiance

The Redemption and Odyssey table

Tricky competition

Dodgy looking bookcase in the dealers room

Fans hanging around in the bar

Closing ceremony

Sunday night beer tasting

Some of us warmed up for the beer tasting with a pint or three in the Lincolnshire Poacher


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