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Ramsgate, July 2007

In July 2007, Tracey and Josh were having a holiday in Ramsgate, Kent, so I nipped down on the train and surprised them

25-26 July 2007

Location Hunt

Tracey brought with her a postcard her father owned showing a scene from Ramsgate circa 1850 and he wanted a picture of how it looked today:

The original postcard

At first we thought the houses on the left of the card were these but we couldn't make it fit with the rest of the picture

We then realised they were these houses. We'd been fooled because of the road which has been cut through what is shown as cliff on the postcard

These three show the rest of the view on the original postcard. I couldn't get it all in one shot.

Maritime Museum, Ramsgate

We had a look round the Maritime Museum

Josh in the firing line

Lifesize models

Is that a cannon between your legs or....

All the nice girls love a sailor

More shots of Ramsgate

This fountain shows how windy it was

Looking out over the houses

Tracey and Josh walking down the road

Ramsgate has a waterfall!

Tracey and Josh

The usual beach fare was on sale

Interesting design for the town centre

Ramsgate harbour

Fishy looking lampost

Not all of the front look nice

Tracey and Josh walking down the front

Taking shelter from the wind

Belgian Cafe on Ramsgate front

While I drank Belgian beer and Tracey drank wine, the Belgian Cafe had a handy computer to keep Josh amused

Odd looking souvenir shop

Yes, we did climb the 120 steps

Josh takes to the water

We met Tracey's cousin Janet


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