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Satellite 2

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Satellite 2

Crowne Plaza, Glasgow

25-26 July 2009

Most of these were taken by me but some were also taken by Michael, one of the convention organisers.

The Crowne Plaza hotel where the convention was held

Getting there: Tracey and Joshua playing Monopoly on the train; I was already bankrupt by this stage

The registration desk

Build a lunar module

Joshua entered a competition to build a lunar module that then had to be launched into the centre of a circle on the floor

The Disco

There was a choice of themes for the disco, so we went for the Hawaiian one

Joshua discovered that John had gone for a similar theme

Michael and Christine opted for the swimwear theme

Then Christine changed her mind and went for the spacesuit theme

The DJ had toys...

...one of which was borrowed by Tracey

Hanging around

Tracey shows how easy it is to fake a moon landing

I was on a panel about remaking old shows

Joshua found a little friend...

...and some bigger friends...

...and guest of honour Iain M Banks...

...before entering a competition to design a sign for a pub on the moon


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