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B7 Writers & Editors Con

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Blake's 7 Writers and Editors Convention,

Pinsley Green, Nantwich, Cheshire

2-4 August 2002

The first Blake's 7 Writers and Editors convention was attended by Alison Page, Anna Simpson, Dana Shilling, Harriet Monkhouse, Ika Willis, Jenny Pausacker, Neil Faulkner, Steve Rogerson, Una McCormack and the host Tavia Chalcraft.


Harriet (left) and Dana




Tavia and Neil

Neil and Jenny (Nova)


Una and Steve (me)

From l to r, Tavia, Una and Alison

Ika (left) and Jenny

Neil and Anna


Neil and Harriet

Alison (left) and Ika

Neil and Anna

Jenny (left) and Dana

Harriet making dolls whila Anna has a nap

Harriet's dolls

Anna (front) and Harriet (plus Neil's leg)


OK, you should know who everyone is by now, so no more captions needed




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