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Tracey's Birthday

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Tracey's Birthday Weekend

25-26 August 2007

Tracey celebrated her birthday with a barbecue, a visit to the fair and a surprise sci-fi birthday party

The Barbecue

Tracey's daughter Rachel held a barbecue the night before Tracey's birthday

Jake, one of Joshua's friends, in the foreground with Rachel, Tracey and Joshua

Ronald shows his football skills...

...while Rachel's husband Dylan shows his cooking skills

Dylan and his friends

Joshua, Steven (Tracey's older son) and Jake play football

Jake does his Ronaldo impersonation

Joshua tries to get the ball off Tracey

Rachel and her friends

Laura, Steven and Joshua

Tracey with Jake and Joshua

Joshua, Steve and Tracey

Jake and Joshua show their climbing skills

The Birthday

Tracey wakes up to her new teasmaid

Time for an early morning stroll...

...to Stafford Castle

The view from the castle

Tracey and Steve in the stocks

Rachel gave Tracey 50 bottles of wine for her birthday

Tracey, Steven and Dylan

Tracey shows off her birthday badges

Joshua at the fair

The surprise party

That evening, Tracey discovered her friends had planned a surprise birthday party, complete with sci-fi theme and Rod Stewart impersonator

Steve and Tracey find a dalek

Two cakes, one with the Blake's 7 logo and one of the Liberator

Tracey gets presented with the cakes

Tracey shares the cake with Joshua and Darth Vader

General cake eating followed

Ronald joined Star Fleet for the evening

Steven and Laura


Futsie and Winnie tipped to be the new companions...

...but others have different ideas

Richard, BC and Joshua go dalek hunting

Tracey with her children - Steven, Rachel and Joshua

The Rod Stewart impersonator

Rod and Tracey

Rod does some entertaining

A clue to Tracey's age

Tracey with some of her firends

Joshua and Tracey have a dance

Joshua shows his skills with an inflatable guitar


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