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Turkey recipes

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Recipes for leftover turkey

Recipes for leftover turkey - turkey with tomato, turkey risotto and turkey hotpot

More recipes for leftover turkey - turkey hash, turkey soup and turkey omelette

Yet more recipes for leftover turkey - Irish stew, turkey chilli, and turkey and chips

Even more recipes for leftover turkey - quick breakfast, turkey biryani and poultry farmer's pie

Four recipes with leftover turkey - apple and turkey casserole, turkey and vegetable stew, potato and turkey pie, and turkey a la king

East European cooking with leftover turkey - ginger and cumin turkey in pita bread, turkey, fennel and red cabbage in pita, and turkey paprika

Three curries with leftover turkey - turkey curry, tandoori turkey and turkey aloo

Chinese cooking with leftover turkey - turkey noodle, stirfry turkey with pasta and revolutionary rice

Chinese recipes with leftover turkey - turkey fried rice, turkey noodle soup, and turkey and cashew nut chow mein

Italian cooking with leftover turkey - turkey tagliatelle, poultry pasta and mini turkey burgers in tomato

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