UK v Philippines Pool Tours

Philippines Tour 2006
© 2006 Steve Rogerson
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UK Pool Tour of the Philippines 2005

29 July to 12 August 2006

Welcome to the fourth UK pool tour of the Philippines.


29/7/06: (1) Sids Bar

30/7/06: (2) Manila Club (lunch) (3) Team KO (evening)

and Steve rides some jeepneys
31/7/06: (4) Token Bar
plus shopping in Manila
1/8/06: (5) Rogues Bar
plus a look round Market Market
2/8/06: (6) Handle Bar

plus a trip to Manila Zoo


3/8/06: (7) Emotions
4/8/06: (8) Limited Edition
5/8/06: (9) Noon: Three team tournament - UK, US and Australia
match played at Roy's Pub
6/8/06: Evening: (10) Horizon
plus strange dancers at SM
7/8/06: Evening: (11) Mosconi Cup v USA
match played at Owl's Nest


8/8/06: Steve's pictures from Boracay


9/8/06: (12) Subic Water


11/8/06: (13) Architects Billiards Association
followed by tour presentation at Playdium

12/8/06: (14) Individuals tournament at Token Bar
and that's your lot (final stats will also appear here)


Adrian Pearce (UK - Manila)
John Underwood (UK - Manila)
Tom Gotts (UK - Norwich)
Robin Saunders (UK - Manila)

Eamonn Staunton (UK - Kuala Lumpur)
Mick Beaumont (UK - London)
Steve Rogerson (UK - Nottingham)
Martyn Willes (UK - Manila)

Graham Fairclough (UK - Subic)
Chris Keys (UK - Manila)
Phil Davis (UK - Manila)


The following official supporter will accompany the tour

Imee Beaumont (UK - London)

For more information: pool@ukpool.info