UK v Philippines Pool Tours

Philippines Tour 2004
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UK Pool Tour of the

Philippines 2004

11-24 September 2004

Welcome to the second UK pool tour of the Philippines:


11/9/04: Arrival in Manila. Out on the town.
12/9/04: (1) Palms Country Club.
13/9/04: (2) Architect's Billiards Association

Architects Billiards Association (at Detour)

plus visit to Rizal Park in Manila


14/9/04: (3) Winchester Club
followed by karaoke at the Blue Parrot
15/9/04:(4) Angeles Representative Team, at the Winchester Club
16/9/04: (5) UK v USA (at Jungle Bar), 7pm start
17/9/04: Morning departure for Manila

Puerto Galera

17/9/04: (6) Big Apple

Car/Ferry: Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera
BBQ/Drinks at Puerto Galera Yacht Club
Overnight in Big Apple Hotel
18/9/04: (7) Broadway
Being tourists in Sabang and relaxing in the pool
19/9/04: (8) Galleon
Travelling back to Manila


20/9/04: (9) Handle Bar
at the Handle Bar in Manila
21/9/04: (10) Sid's Sports Bar
And Tom and Maila's wedding
22/9/04: (11) LA Cafe
Shopping in Festival Mall
23/9/04: (12) British Embassy, at Hard Rock Cafe, and (13) singles KO at Detour sponsored by British Chamber of Commerce Philippines
24/9/04: Presentation & Awards Night as Dasmarinas Village
25/9/04: Final statistics


The following players were confirmed throughout the tour:

Steve Rogerson (UK)
Mick Beaumont (UK)
Tom Gotts (UK)
Arthur MacDonald (UK - Supporter)
Eamonn Staunton (Manila)
Liam Ballard (Manila)

Watch out for regular updates in the next week or so.

For more information: pool@ukpool.info