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Bratislava 2006

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Spring in Bratislava

page one of three

Glenys, Lawrence and myself spent a long spring weekend in Bratislava. These three pages show the photos we took, some of the bars we visited, the sites we admired and the floods we negotiated.

30 March 2006 - 3 April 2006

The hotel

It wasn't so much a hotel but a botel, being a floating hotel on the river:

And here are some general shots of the Danube on which it was moored:

New Bridge (Novy Most)

The main bridge over the river in the city centre is the New Bridge, with an unusual structure containing a bar, restaurant and spectacular view over the city:

This is a picture of Lawrence taking a picture of Glenys

And this is the picture that Lawrence took.

Lawrence steals an apple

The restaurant loo provided a nice view to admire while you peed, as Lawrence discovered.

The Danube breaks its banks

Heavy rain in the weeks before we arrived meant the Danube was at a very high level and even broke its banks, thankfully on the opposite side to where our hotel was:

Lawrence decided to take a walk through the floods:


Castle, statues and transport museum

Bars and general shots of the city



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