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Gay Meadow 2007

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The last league match at the Gay Meadow

On Saturday 5 May, Shrewsbury Town played their last ever league match at the Gay Meadow, their home since 1910.

5 May 2007

Before the game

A pint or two at the Nag's Head on Wyle Cop got me in the mood for the game

One last chance to view the ground from the English Bridge

A familiar sight at the entrance to the Narrows

The approach to the ground

The club offices

And the efficient Graham

The fans are gathering

The executive suite; I never went in there, and I guess I never will now

Inside the ground

I don't think any of us will miss the Riverside toilets

The banners were put up

The fans readied themselves

Some became more excited than others

But the stewards didn't seem to mind

Next season, we won't be able to stand at all

There was a band

And balloons

March of legends

Former players walked around the ground

The match

The ground fills up

The players take the field

The silly hats are out

Lenny greets the fans and the players

The match gets going

The fans are cheering, the game is a draw, we're in the playoffs

The players do a practice penalty shoot-out

Gary Peters thanks the fans

And I head up the Narrows for the last time

The evening do

After the match, fans and former players head for the Lord Hill Hotel

I did get one last chance to visit the old ground when they auctioned off some of the fixtures and fittings. To see pictures of that and my first visit to the new ground, click here.


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