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Yokohama, Japan

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A look at the city

28 August-4 September2007

Walking around

Various pictures around Yokohama:

This was my hotel

Two of the gates into Chinatown

Me eating noodles at the Ramen Museum, a museum devoted to the history of noodles

More shots of the Ramen Museum

A different view of my hotel. It is the funny shaped building to the left of the big wheel in the first picture.

Wall paintings

Dolls Museum

I managed to take a few pictures in the Dolls Museum before I saw the "no photography" sign


There was a funfair right next to the hotel complete with a big wheel that is actually a working clock. Some of the shots are views of the city from the top of the wheel

The building in the centre is the one that hosted the main exhibition hall for the convention

My hotel from the wheel

The funfair from my hotel window

Brits drinking beer at the funfair

Sport in Yokohama

The local baseball team is the Yokohama Baystars

The Baystars stadium

European football is well liked

Plaque outside the Nissan Stadium, where the 2002 World Cup Final was played

More shots of the Nissan Stadium

Children playing baseball


I always seem to end up taking pictures of statues:

Even the post boxes have statues

This is the "Statue of Little Girl with Red Shoes". The shoes were brown.

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