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Rome 2007

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Summer in Rome

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A work trip to Rome marked my first ever visit to Italy, and I tagged on a couple of days afterwards to be a tourist. This page shows some general shots. The second page has the Colosseum and Palatine, plus some statues including a scary weeping angel. The third page is my beer drinking diary. Links to the other two pages are at the bottom.

20-24 June 2007

General shots of Rome

This was my hotel, though I suspect they prefer people not to photograph it from this angle

These are some of the other journalists on the work trip being taken for a guided tour of the city

One of the modes of transport I didn't try

Road signs seem to attract stickers

The five pictures above are of the Trevi Fountain, which featured in the film La Dolce Vita

San Giovanni

Old trams

Piazza San Pietro

Sant'Angelo Bridge with Sant'Angelo Castle in the background

Umberto I Bridge leading to Palazzo di Giustizia

The street leading up to the Spanish Steps and the Barcaccia fountain at the foot of the steps

The ruins of Area Sacra, where humans are not allowed but cats are

The Pantheon

Piazza Navona (my Shrewsbury shirt gets everywhere)

Piazza del Popola

Piramide di Caio Cestio

Shelley's tomb in The Non-Catholic Cemetry for Foreigners

Piazza Mastai (I think)

Cestio and Palatino bridges

Links to the other two pages:

Colosseum, Palatine and statues

Beer in Rome


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