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Shanghai 2007
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Shanghai, October 2007

In October 2007, I went on a work trip to Shanghai courtesy of high-tech firm Advantech. This was my second visit to the city in less than a year. There are pictures from my first visit here. The main extra from a tourist point of view this time was a trip to the Zhouzhuang water town.

23-29 October 2007


Advantech treated us all to a barbeque before a night time cruise on the Huangpu River:

My camera doesn't take night shots that well but this was the best I could do as a shot of the city from the boat.


Zhouzhuang is one of the country's most famous water towns:

Our tour guide

Chinese meal

Before we left Zhouzhuang, we had what was the most amazing Chinese meal I have ever eaten, just so many courses and different dishes to choose from:


Some extra shots from Shanghai:

I actually can't remember where this was

While I ate at a restaurant, the waitresses were hanging balls getting ready for Christmas

I've been to Shanghai twice now and not found a better bar than Henry's homebrew pub at 33 Middle Sichuan Road, just off The Bund


I know Taipei isn't in Shanghai, but I did visit the city again in early October, but didn't take many pictures, so I am putting the ones I did take here:

Some strange statues in the park

This is me at Le Ble d'Or bar in Taipei, and a fine bar it was too

My birthday happened while in Taipei and I was pleasantly surprised to be given a cake by the hotel I was staying at


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