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Shanghai 2006

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December in Shanghai

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My December vacation for 2006 marked my first visit to the China mainland - a week in the city of Shanghai. There are three pages, links to the other two pages at the bottom.

23-30 December 2006

General shots of Shanghai

It seems like they were expecting me

This was my hotel, which is built into the side of a sports stadium, which wasn't open because they are getting it ready for the Olympics

I liked this rather gothic looking building

The city has rules

Now all you Blake's 7 fans know how to write Avon in Chinese

The modern face of "Communist" China

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower looks like it came from a 1960s sci-fi movie. It is basically an ugly looking tripod tower. I went up to the viewing area at the top, but it was quite foggy, so I didn't see a lot. Far more interesting was the basement, which was a history of Shanghai museum, with live sized models of old shops and streets that you can walk through. There are even full sized model people working in them.

Links to the other two pages:

Temple of the Town Gods and Yuyuan Gardens

The Bund and Jinmao Tower


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