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Shanghai 2010
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Shanghai, June 2010

5-10 June 2010

Welcome to Shanghai

In June 2010, I went on a work trip to Shanghai but got time to enjoy other parts of the city including the World Expo which was on at the time.

The Welcome to Shanghai sign has moved since I was in Shanghai in 2006

This is the Sofitel hotel where I stayed. The circular bit at the top is a rotating bar.

Strange round pointy thing in the middle of the road.

Shanghai World Expo

As the World Expo was on at the time, I paid it a visit. I also wrote a report on the World Expo and took these photographs:

The queue to get in was horrendous.

You could play giant ping-pong in the Caribbean Pavilion.

The Dutch Pavilion had sheep

The UK Pavilion looked like a furry ball

I couldn't resist stopping for a beer at the Porterhouse bar

Queues to get into the Saudi Arabian Pavilion were over eight hours, so I didn't bother

The Chinese Pavilion is going to stay as a permanent structure after the Expo has closed

Bars in Shanghai

I visited a few bars while I was in Shanghai. Here's my report on the bars of Shanghai and here are some pictures:

Bund Brewery on Hankou Lu

Boxing Cat Brewery at Fuxing Xi Lu

The Hofbrau brewery seemed to be shut and I was told it had been for some time, which was a shame because the sign on the wall suggested that it would have been an interesting building to visit.

O'Malley's at Tai Jiang Lu

Paulaner bar at Fenyong Lu

The Work Bit

The real reason I was in Shanghai was to report on the official opening of this factory:

This is my official report on the opening of the Adlink factory

The stage was ready for the opening ceremony

There were drummers...

...and of course speeches...

...and a tree planting ceremony...

...and a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The party that evening had a laser show...

...and a band...

...and alcohol.


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