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Philippines Tour 2004
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UK Tour of the Philippines 2004

21 September 2004

Match Ten: Sid's Sports Bar


Our opponents

British team, L to R: Steve, Martyn (kneeling), Mick, Colin, Judy (kneeling), Adrian, Eamonn (kneeling), Tom and Jeremy

Eamonn, Imee, Judy and Mick

Adrian watches the cricket on telly

Imee tries to stop me taking Mick's picture

But I perservered - was it worth it?

Earlier that day, Sid's Sports Bar was used as the venue for Maila and Tom's wedding, so of course the rest of the pool team showed up to give their blessings and to make sure Tom made it to the match that evening.

Outside the bar, the couple pose amid the signs and adverts

But Maila manages to find a nice spot to look lovely

Inside the bar, and Sid's has never seen anything like this (and neither has Tom by the look of him)

Maila pledges her love to Chelsea

The pool team watch on

As captain, Eamonn claims first pose with the bride to be...

...followed by Mick...

...and Steve...

...and Martyn...

...but at last Maila's family get a chance

Let the wedding begin

The registrar displays the rings

The rings are exchanged

The married couple enjoy the first kiss

Time for the pool team again to pose with the couple - John and Jeremy are first up...

...followed by Arthur and Martyn...

...and Judy and Eamonn...

...and Steve...

...but the family still manage to get in there

Time for the music...

...and the first dance


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