UK v Philippines Pool Tours

Philippines Tour 2004
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UK Tour of the Philippines 2004

18 September 2004

Match Seven: Broadway, Sabang


Our opponents

Our opponents, who like posing...

...and having their picture taken

But who can play a mean game of pool

A tricky shot for Mick

Mick and Tom sample a local delicacy - it looks like a boiled duck egg, but inside is a baby duck. This one has a claw sticking out.

Maila, Judy and Tom show what it is meant to look like

Maila, Tom and Imee enjoy Broadway's hospitality

Eamonn texts the result out, watched by Judy

Then we listen to the bar's entertainer

Earlier that day, the team hung around Sabang beach and then cooled off in the hotel swimming pool

Views of Sabang beach

The floating pub in the bay

Judy, Eamonn, Mick, Imee and Tom enjoy a meal in Captain Gregg's Bar

Steve outside Captain Gregg's

Fooling around in the pool

Tom, Eamonn and Mick go for a triple bomb

Wait for it

Splash down! - top bombing

Bombing over, Judy thinks she's safe

Until Tom pushes her over to Mick's bombing zone (you can see Mick's leg in the top left-hand corner of the picture)

Maila, Eamonn, Imee and Arthur take a drink in the pool

Imee tries to squeeze into a jacuzzi already occupied by Tom and Mick



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