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Shanghai 2006

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December in Shaghai

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Finally, a walk along the Bund and a trip up Jinmao Tower

23-30 December2006

The Bund

The Bund is the area on the west bank of the Huangpu River that is the main tourist magnet. It is a bit like a seaside promenade, in fact with it being rather cold and windy, walking along became bracing in a Skegness sort of way. Tacky souvenir shops just added to the effect.

At the north end was an unusual sculpture underneath which was a small art gallery. I didn't stay long because of an annoying, clingy attendant who was following me around despite me asking him not to. A bit further south, and I found a lovely jade exhibition. A lot of it was for sale, but probably a little too heavy as I was pushing my baggage allowance as it was.

I then took a trip through the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. This is naff. You get in a little train (about half the size of a compartment on the London Eye) and it takes you through a light show underneath the river. On the far bank, there is a mini aquarium with some odd stuffed animals that people throw money at and a Chinese history of sex museum; the latter was entertaining.

Jinmao Tower

The Jinmao Tower at 420m is claimed to be the tallest building in China, but not for long as they are erecting a taller building next to it - the Shanghai World Financial Centre, not Sheffield Wednesday Football Club as was my first thought when I saw the initials:

Celebrating Christmas

And finally four shots to show that Christmas is not ignored, though covering a clock in holly and tying a red ribbon around the neck of the statue of a lion are both a little odd.

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