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Philippines Tour 2007
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UK Tour of the Philippines 2007

14 May 2007

There was no match today but Eamonn and Steve took the ferry to Corregidor Island at the mouth of Manila Bay. Its strategic placing meant that it had changed hands many times and been the scene of many a battle, the scars of which are still visible.

Getting there:

This was the ferry that we used

Arriving at the island

The buses that take tourists round the island

Our tour guide Stella

And it looks like they are building a new pier to attract more tourists


A lot of the original guns from WWII still remain and are regularly painted and maintained by local history students:


Eamonn and Steve look at each other through a gun barrel


Given the bombardment the island suffered, it is not surprising there are many ruins, including the old army barracks, which amazingly they have left standing though they do not look in a safe condition:

Malinta Tunnel :

The Malinta Tunnel (the first picture explains more) has been converted into a museum:


There are various statues and memorials around:

Steve imitates General MacArthur


The island had some spectacular views:

The lighthouse at the top of the island

Looking down from the top of the island into the courtyard

And looking out to sea from the lighthouse

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