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Philippines Tour 2003
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UK Tour of the Philippines 2003

5 September 2003

No match today, so just some photos hanging round Eamonn's house, the trip to Subic and then at some of the bars near Subic

Hanging around at Eamonn's house

Mick gets some practice on Eamonn's pool table

Steve sands his cue

Steve by the pool

Top bombing by Mick

Mick surfaces to take the applause

and does a handstand to celebrate

Steve catalogues the photos so far

and a lizard takes a swim in Eamonn's pool

The trip to Subic

Mick and Steve visit Pizza Hut to prepare for the journey

Taking a break at San Fernando on the way

So Mick visits KFC

As there was no match, some of the team had a look round Subic and nearby bars

The hotel where we stayed

Mick makes a new friend

Some of the locals play a flatter version of pool

Mick and Imee at Crow Bar

Annalyn at Crow Bar

Eamonn at Mangos

Steve gets some practice at Mangos

Yes, there really is a bar called Muff Divers

Phil gets some practice at Muff Divers

We decided not to risk the food from the local seller

The table at Muff Divers left a lot to be desired


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