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Philippines Tour 2003
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UK Tour of the Philippines 2003

10 September 2003

The big finale of the UK versus the Philippines with guest appearances from Efren Reyes and world number eight Lenardo Andam. Earlier in the day we called in at Santa Rita to visit some of Mick's old friends from the UK

Match Ten

UK versus the Philippines at Fibs Billiards Bar, Manila

Welcoming posters at Fibs

Colin arrives with his wife

Phil takes a shot

Derick playing a game

Liam, Efren, Lenardo, Eamonn and Geoff Short from the British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines

Jeremy and family with Efren and Eamonn

Efren with Mike and a friend

Liam, Derick, Efren and Cora

Mick, Steve, Mike, Efren, Phil and Martyn

Mick, Steve, Mike, Efren, Phil and Eamonn

Mick and Steve with Efren

Colin and Efren

Mick prepares to play Efren; Mike in the background

Mike and Efren

Steve prepares to play Efren

Eamonn and Efren

Lenardo and Mick

Lenardo and Steve

Phil and Efren

Efren playing Derick

Presenting the plaques

Eamonn, Efren and Geoff Short

Efren poses with the UK team

Efren poses with some of the bar staff

Mick, Kim and Steve

The players' wives

The final scoreboard

It all proved a bit much for Robin


Earlier we went to Santa Rita to visit Bernie and Milly, who used to be neighbours of Mick when they lived in the UK


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