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Philippines Tour 2003
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UK Tour of the Philippines 2003

7 September 2003

The second match in Subic was against DFS Billiards & Bar. Earlier that day, Mick, Steve and Eamonn went swimming with whales and saw monkeys on the road. Some of the team had lunch at Subic Yacht Club.

Match Six

versus DFS Billiards & Bar in Subic

The venue

Mick and Eamonn under the pool clock

Eamonn gets some practice

Mick gets ready to play

The ball racker

Eamonn takes a shot

Eamonn with DFS captain Nick and the trophy we are playing for

UK Team: Back row: Mick, Cora, Liam, Colin, Graham. Derick and Phil; Front row: Eamonn and Steve

The opposition

Liam's daughter Claire

Kim takes a shot watched by Steve

Cora takes a shot

We won the trophy: Back row: Steve, Colin, Mick and Phil; Front row: Eamonn, Derick and Liam

Earlier that day Mick, Steve and Eamonn went to Ocean Adventure for a swim with the whales and looked at the monkeys on the road on the way back


Then onto lunch at Subic Yacht Club

Liam and Cora at the hotel waiting to leave for the yacht club

Mick and Phil at the yacht club

Mick at the yacht club

Yet another picture of Mick eating

The team enjoy the amenities

Back row: Liam, Kim, Mick, Cora, Graham, Claire, Eamonn, Derick and Phil; Steve in the front.

A rather unusually painted car in the yacht club car park

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