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Philippines Tour 2003
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UK Tour of the Philippines 2003

6 September 2003

The first match in Subic was against Subic Water at Cuezone. Earlier that day, Mick, Steve and Eamonn visited the Jungle Experience & Survival Training camp near Subic and then had lunch at Vascoes Nautical Pub.

Match Five

versus Subic Water at Cuezone in Subic

The opposition

UK team: Back row: Graham, Mick, Phil, Cora, Liam and daughter Claire; Front row: Eamonn, Derick and Steve

The opponents discuss a shot

One of the opponents with Phil, Graham, Liam and Eamonn

Some of the opposition

Mick, Steve and two of the opponents

An opponent, Phil, Graham, Derick and Eamonn

Two of the opponents seem to get on well

An opponent, Phil, Graham, Eamonn, Liam and Derick

Break off

Mick plays his match

Graham prepares to break

Matches in progress

Eamonn considers his shot

Steve and Phil at the bar

Tricky decision for Mick

One of the opponents takes a photo of both teams while Steve takes a photo of her.

Earlier that day Mick, Steve and Eamonn visited the Jungle Experience & Survival Training camp in Subic where we watched a demonstration in getting water from bamboo, went in a butterfly enclosure, had a close encounter with an eagle and looked at the animals

Steve didn't seem that impressed by the bamboo demonstration

Mick didn't seem that impressed by the butterflies

The view over Subic Bay

Then onto lunch at Vascoes Nautical Pub overlooking Subic Bay

Eamonn gets refreshment. The local health and safety officer complained that the restaurant didn't have a fire escape, a bit silly given it juts out onto a bay and is open on three sides. The owner responded by putting life jackets around the restaurant with fire escape signs on them, one of which can be seen behind Eamonn.

The health and safety officer also complained about the restaurant's caged birds, so the owner decided to warn off the wild variety.

The chair Steve is sitting on is a pilot's chair rescued from a plane that crashed in the bay

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